Hardware as a Service (HaaS)

HaaS is perhaps the easiest business decision you’ll ever make. What if you could trim your technology costs, increase your working capital and upgrade your hardware all at the same time? Well, you can.

Why Hardware as a Service?
When it comes to technology, every business must reconcile two contradictory impulses: the need to keep their IT infrastructure up-to-date and the need to cut costs and increase profit margins. Our Hardware as a Service program gives you a painless way to do just that.

Our HaaS plan gives your business a unique way to pay for your use of technology as a monthly service instead of  a capital expense. What’s more, our subsciption-based HaaS program includes the ongoing support your business needs to stay lean, competitive and running smoothly. This service will easily scale with your business’ growth and future needs.

What’s included?
Our service offers hardware procurement, remote IT monitoring, proactive systems management and fast, friendly customer support. Every HaaS package includes:

  • New network server and user hardware (plus regular updates)
  • Ongoing software updates and patches
  • Free installation and configuration of new systems
  • Fast and free replacement of broken hardware
  • Simple, convenient billing
  • Unlimited tech support

Key benefits:

  • Reduced capital expenses
  • Fixed monthly costs (no surprises)
  • Increased productivity

Who wants more time? Capital? Without having to divert time and energy to hardware procurement, management and replacement, your business will have more time and working capital to devote to key revenue-generation activities. And who doesn’t want more time and money?