3 on-the-go security gadgets

If you’re traveling a lot for business purposes, or even working every once in a while at the local coffee shop, you know how valuable data security is. Sometimes, security isn’t all that attainable when you’re on the move all the time, but there are plenty of tools like these three that make it more achievable.

Laptop privacy screens

Privacy can be particularly tricky when you’re working in a public place like a coffee shop or an airplane. There is always a nosy neighbor who wants to see what you’re working on. Unfortunately, if you’re working on something with sensitive information, there is not an easy way to keep your neighbor from spotting it.

People who are viewing your screen from an angle will have an obstructed view. The privacy screen darkens your laptop screen, which is especially helpful for when you are taking a look at sensitive data that you don’t want anyone else to see – no more crouching over your laptop to cover everything.

Handheld paper shredder

We all know the benefits of shredding documents that have personal or business information on them. Sometimes, it’s not so convenient to do. With a handheld shredder, destroying sensitive documents is a simple task that can be a huge help in keeping your data protected.

Mandylion Password Manager

You’ve probably heard several times how important it is to have a secure, unique password for each of your accounts. The problem is, those passwords can sometimes be difficult to remember, and you can quickly use up all your password options if you have to reset it every time you try to log in.

The Mandylion Password Manager eliminates that problem and makes it simple to keep track of all of those strong passwords you create. With its “military-grade password protection,” this gadget is excellent for anyone who has trouble coming up with and remembering passwords – and you can even attach it to your keychain!

Anyone who works outside of the office from time to time knows how tricky it can be to really secure your belongings as well as information. These tools, and others like them, make the security much easier to attain.

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