3 ways to make sure your computer is safe

Computers are prized possessions, no matter what you use them for. They supply a practical value with regard to the processes that they allow us to automate, but there is also an economic value which should be considered. The high cost carried by computers makes them tempting targets for any thief. Here are several quick tips to consider when beefing up your computer’s security.

Physical Security

The beauty of most personal computers is that they’re portable. Even desktops can be moved easily with a few cord disconnections and a quick pull. To make sure both your laptop and desktop computers are secure inside your home or workplace, consider buying a strong, keyed cable lock. Essentially, they help chain your pc down in a manner that makes them extremely difficult to steal. These items can run for an average of $40, but they offer a priceless feeling of security.

Data Security

A computer is a valuable target for a thief, not only because of the material value of the device but also due to the data stored within. Encrypting data is always a great protective measure to help keep your data is safe, but there is certain data you should never store permanently. Such information includes your credit card information, social security number and checking account. Having your identity stolen will only add insult to injury.

Keeping Track

Wish there was a way to track down your computer when it goes missing? Yeah, there’s an app for that. Downloading tracking software onto your computer will allow you to locate it once it’s gone, so long as the hard drive remains intact. While a computer may its hard drive wiped clean once stolen, there has been numerous occasions in which computer tracking apps have been successful in returning the stolen item to its owner.

While all of these tips are useful in keeping your computer safe, there is no replacement for common sense and reasonable vigilance. Make sure to take good care of your computer; chances are it takes good care of you.