Be smart. Back up your Evernote notebooks

How safe do you think your data is when you store them in an Evernote notebook? The surprising answer: Not as safe as you might think. That’s because Evernote isn’t a true backup service. It’s a synching service.

Is it really necessary?

This means that someone or something can wipe out both the data you’ve stored on your computer or other device and the version of the same data that you’ve stored on Evernote’s servers. And if that takes place? That data is gone. Fortunately, the How-To Geek Web site explains how users can back-up Evernote notebooks to deliver the utmost protection to their files, photos, reports and videos.

Protecting yourself

You can add an extra layer of security to your Evernote notebooks – and the data they contain – by backing them up. There are several ways to accomplish this – some, as How-To Geek explains, are quite complicated – however, there is one easy option: You can export your Evernote notebooks.


To do this, first right-click on any notebook and select the “Export Notes” option. On top of that, you can export your notes in a wide variety of formats, including Evernote’s native one. Now, if you lose the notebook or the data it holds, you can simply select the “import” option to bring back the exported notebook as a wholesale replacement for the notebook you lost.