Business and Telecommuting

Trends in business change every day. One trend that appears to be gaining momentum is telecommuting, but is it a trend at all? There are plenty of opinions around whether telecommuting is good for business or not. Some of the questions raised are, “Will it make employees more productive? Will they be happier, lonelier, more connected or less? What are the benefits to the company?” These are all considerations when deciding if telecommuting is a good fit for your company’s culture.

There are some great benefits to telecommuting.  We’ve given you several pros and cons to think about below:


  • Telecommuters work longer hours, as they aren’t wasting time travelling.
  • Telecommuting employees are generally less stressed.
  • Telecommuters can adjust their working hours around their lives and the hours they are most productive – even if that is at three a.m.
  • Telecommuters are generally more productive.
  • Self-reliance and time management skills are encouraged by telecommuting.
  • Telecommuting also gives employers more freedom to hire skilled individuals without the cost of moving them across the globe.
  • Both the telecommuter and the employer save time and money.

Consthe flip side

  • Telecommuting can cause burnout particularly for those with poor time management skills, which often results in resentment of the company.
  • Telecommuters often complain of being isolated and feeling lonely or depressed from lack of socialization.
  • Poor time management skills may lead to a lack of productivity
  • Telecommuting can lead to a break down in communication due to distance.
  • Setting up a home office effectively can take more time than setting up in-office.

If your company chooses to include telecommuting in their organizational plan, strong time management skills, open and strong lines of communication, and managers who have a strong comprehension of the work ethic and responsibilities of their employees are required for telecommuting to be a success. Working independently is something more and more employees crave in this technological age. Let us know what you think about telecommuting. Will it fade out or is it the future of business?