Communicate More Easily With These Translation Apps

Have you ever traveled overseas and been struggling to speak the language? Constantly struggling with a dictionary is not ideal. Instead, how about next time you employ your smartphone. There are lots of apps on the market that were created for this purpose. We have outlined three below that we think are worth your time and money.


Jibbigo costs $4.99, this app is available for both the iPhone and Android. It has such an massive dictionary you would be hard pressed to find a language this app can’t translate. To use it, users speak right into their smartphone and Jibbigo will give you a translation via text or voice. This app can be very useful to people traveling to remote locations as it does not require a network connection.

Dean Foster’s Culture Guides

These guides are a bit more advanced than Jibbigo. As Burke writes, the guides are available for 12 countries so far. The apps provide users with an overview of these countries, maps, weather reports, and currency exchange rates. Of course, it also provides solid translation services.

Word Lens

If you need to translate the written word, Word Lens is a great app. It utilizes your smartphones camera. You take a picture of a sign, menu, book, etc. and the app will translate it for you. You will see how this might be practical. The only languages this app currently works with are Spanish, French, Italian, and English. The basic app is free, but if you would like to buy any of the languages it will cost you $4.99 per language.