Don’t ignore your Facebook “Other” folder

You’re not a impolite person, right? You normally respond to Facebook messages from friends, family members and co-workers, right? Well, maybe not, at least not if you ignore the “Other” folder.

Uncovering the “Other”

If you do not know what Facebook’s “Other” folder is, don’t worry. You’re not the only one. David Pogue, technology columnist for the New York Times, recently talked about how important this folder is. If you’re like the majority of Facebook users, your “Other” folder is full of messages from friends, co-workers, colleagues and family members that you’ve never seen. And many of these could be years old.

Missed messages

Messages fall into the “Other” folder when senders that are not your Facebook friends send you messages. These senders can either pay $1 to Facebook or allow their messages to go to the “Other” folder. Most of the people, of course, choose “Other.”

Find these lost messages

Fortunately, locating the “Other” folder is fairly simple. Pogue says to simply click your “Messages” link on the left side of your Facebook page. After you do, you’ll see, shaded grey, the word “Other.” That’s your “Other” folder. Open it. You may be amazed at what you find.