How many of these bad tech habits are you guilty of?

You might look at yourself a tech-savvy sort, one that would not fall victim to a few of the bad tech habits that raise your chances of being hacked or having your smart phone stolen. But you might be shocked at how many of the worst tech habits that you practice. Fortunately, PCWorld recently ran a list of many of the most dangerous tech habits. Study this list, make the needed changes and guard yourself from hackers and computer failures.

Easy Target

Your tablets and smart phones are valuable. So don’t make it so easy for thieves to grab them. A lot of people practice the bad tech habit of leaving their devices unattended at a coffee shop or restaurant booth when they take off to get refills or another cookie. While they’re gone, thieves can simply snatch their devices off the table and speedily leave the restaurant. There are also those people that practice the bad habit of staring so intently into their smart phone screens that they don’t spare any attention for their surroundings. It’s simple for crooks to sneak up next to these distracted folks, sock them and then escape with their smart phones or tablets.

Bad Health

Some of the bad habits noted by PCWorld will make you sick. You can damage your back or develop carpal tunnel syndrome if you slump over in your chair while typing on your keyboard. You could damage your vision or get headaches if you stare too long into your screens every day. And if you don’t allow yourself to take breaks from your screens while on the job you can suffer from anything from back aches to eye strain to general fatigue. Stop these three bad habits by requiring yourself to take at least short breaks from your screens while at work.

Lost Data, Personal Information

Some of PCWorld’s bad tech habits can leave you lacking your most crucial files or expose your personal details to hackers. Do you use the same password for multiple Web sites? You may be in serious trouble, then, if a hacker cracks that password and gains access to the private data you have stored at these websites. Do you make the serious oversight of not backing up your important files? If your computer’s hard drive should crash, you might lose all of them.