More things to avoid at work

Last week we talked about negative habits to avoid at work, including wasting time on the Internet. Though the Internet is one of the most useful advances in technology in the past 30 years, it’s also one of the largest sources of distraction. However, workplace distraction was a problem even before the Internet. Here are three of the most common ways workers can get distracted from their work without using the Web.

The Water Cooler

    Creating a vibrant work culture is crucial for most companies for many reasons. Workers who get along well with each other often perform at higher standards. However, there should always be a balance between work and socializing when at the office. It’s easy to fall into the habit of spending extended breaks conversing with a coworker about your personal life. To help combat this, try planning a weekly night out with your friends at work. This will keep you up to date on each other’s lives while decreasing the need to socialize during business hours.


    Check your computer. No mater what model or make, you’ll most likely be able to find some kind of pre installed game. Even without the Internet, it’s easy to be distracted by computer games like Minesweeper, Solitaire or even Chess. We’ve all tried to slip in a few minutes of gameplay into our work day, but more often than not, those few minutes can add up to a few hours. The best thing to do? Delete these games from your computer outright. Be honest with yourself, you probably don’t even enjoy playing them that much.


    It’s easy to get lost in your own thoughts, worried about bills or troubles at home. Being distracted by a daydream is difficult because we rarely daydream on purpose. If you find yourself daydreaming often, try a few things to help increase your focus like getting more sleep or eating a healthy snack while working on a given project. Make sure that you’re getting adequate vitamin B and avoid foods that are high in processed sugars. 

    Staying focused at work can be a challenge, and as we all know, we don’t need the Internet to get distracted. Don’t forget these tips throughout your workweek to help keep you on track. Don’t forget, 90% of productivity is focus!