Must Have Tools For Business Travel

It can be difficult to get important work done while traveling for business. You have to cope with hotel Internet connections that can be maddeningly irregular. It’s tough to chat with your important clients when you’re stuck in business meetings all day, and e-mails that you normally reply to immediately fall through the cracks while you are soaring from one airport to another. The good news is business travelers can depend on several apps and tech tools that make working while on business trips a little easier. If you are taking a long business trip, here are several tools that will make life easier for you. Your co-workers will thank you.

GroupMe: If you have to contact many coworkers at once, possibly to update them about a meeting, the app GroupMe is designed for you. You can create a list of contacts which you can then send a single text or email to all of them; this will save tons of time!

Belkin Mini Surge Protector DUAL USB Charger: A lot of us have a lot of devices we need to charge, and when you’re traveling, you may not have sufficient plugs to charge them all at once. That is where this gadget comes in; it is a surge protector that includes three AC and two USB outlets. This enables you to charge all your devices at once, in one place.

Campfire: What if you have to absolutely talk with several members of your team at once while you’re hundreds of miles away at a business meeting? Simple. Switch on your Campfire app. This app works as group chat room, permitting you, your employees and partners back home to send instant messages to one another on your mobile devices. Everyone connected to the group will see each message. You can even use Campfire to make conference calls.