Online Tools to Help You Manage Projects

The the probability is good that you, as a small business owner, are juggling many projects at once, and the chances are equally high in this era of virtual workers that many freelancers and consultants spread throughout the country are working on these projects. It can be challenging to keep track of the progress of these projects, and it can be equally difficult to assign new tasks, share essential documents, and request updates from these far-flung workers.

Project management solutions

Luckily, for small businesses, there are a number of project management options.  These tools can provide assistance to keep projects on course, and employees and clients connected. Here are some of the top rated project management tools available:


This well-known project management tool has become popular as it is a single tool that allows businesses to manage projects, assign duties, communicate with employees, and more. It’s truly a one-stop shop! It even allows clients to evaluate and comment on their project. As well as schedule meetings and calendar events, which keeps all relevant parties on the same page.


Inuit business software creators have developed a project management tool called Quickbase.  This tool has many of the same features of Basecamp while being able to facilitate both large and small companies all with a neat and simple user interface.


For the more creative projects, such as marketing and advertising, Huddle is ideal. One of this tool’s perks is its live-conferencing tool. If you need to assemble the team in a quick and easy fashion, this tool lets you, no matter where your team members might be.


Deskaway permits you to keep clients and employees informed by using snapshots of a project’s progression. It has the functionality to generate and post blogs determined by individual projects as well as keep in contact about important updates easily.

There are many other online project management tools that can help you retain stronger control over your business’ marketing campaigns, new product launches, and website development. This is good news. It allows you to find the one project management tool that best fits you and your business.