Small Business Tip: 3 Apps to Manage Employees

It is difficult to start a business. Because of this , most start-ups fail in the first couple of years. But you can make things easier on yourself, at least where managing your employees is concerned. There are numerous apps available that small business owners can leverage to reduce the time allocated to managing employees and generally increase efficiency. Here is a look at three key apps for managing your small business’s employees.

Labor Time Tracker

It might seem a tad outdated to have your employees punch in and out of work, but it can be helpful from an organizational perspective. Labor Time Tracker is a great replacement for physical time sheets.  It is an app that costs $4.95 a month for each employee and they punch their hours on virtual cards. It helps you to effortlessly see who is out and who is working, as well as easily track overtime.


Trello is one of many organization apps created to keep business owners on task, but Trello does differ in one crucial way: It lets business owners add employees and contractors to their various to-do lists. This way, everyone in a company can see these lists and keep track of what should be done throughout the day. Trello also lets business owners delegate tasks to their employees and send them messages related to the business’s various to-do lists.


TribeHR is one of the most widely used and highest ranked HR apps available on the market. It is very powerful; you can track time off, schedule evaluations, and keep up-to-date employee records. Plus, on top of all that it is low-cost. It’s only $2 a month for each user. With this app you will be able to keep track of things as if you had a large HR department.

Building a small business in this challenging economy is difficult enough. So make your life a little easier by taking a close look at the apps outlined above.