Tech gifts for Mom

Mother’s Day is just around the corner, and many of us most likely still haven’t gotten Mom a gift yet. If you fit into that category, have no fear – we have plenty of gift ideas that are perfect for Mom.

Digital picture frame

If your mom is like most, she most likely loves reliving family memories through old pictures. With a digital picture frame, your mom can relive those memories whenever she chooses. If she needs assistance, you can assist her by pre-loading all of her pictures onto the frame and she can start enjoying it immediately.

Tech time

Your mom may love using tech but there’s a good chance that she doesn’t know how to use all of her gadgets. With this gift, you can offer your tech expertise. She may have a gadget that needs fixing or she simply might need you to show her how to use the DVD player. Whatever it is, she’s sure to appreciate your time.

Digital magazine or Netflix subscription

Chances are, your mom has either a magazine or a TV show that she’s addicted to. Getting her a subscription to a digital magazine will give Mom the chance to read the magazine she loves without all the clutter.

A Netflix subscription gives your mom the chance to catch up on all of her favorite TV shows and watch the movie her friends have been discussing for months. Both of these gifts are sure to be huge hits.


A tablet could be an excellent gift for Mom. Tablets are incredibly popular, instantly making your mom one of the coolest on the block, and are also very portable. Your mom can do virtually anything she’d like with the iPad or PlayBook and carry it with her wherever she goes.

If a traditional tablet is a little out of your price range, the Nook Color may work better for you. It still boasts the portability of the iPad and has a great deal of games and apps available.

Quality time

Most moms think that they don’t get to see their kids enough, particularly if they live far away. In these cases, simply giving your mom a coupon for video chat sessions would probably be the perfect gift.

We all know our moms will adore whatever gift we get for them. These gifts, however, will show you care and you put thought into it. Try surprising your mom this year with a great gift that she can really use.

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