The Best Online Music-Streaming Services

Many of us get our entertainment, news, and pay our bills online. So, it’s not a big surprise that we access our music over the Internet as well. Many individuals subscribe to on-line music-streaming services that are either free or cost money. The benefits are many. People don’t have to move their music files onto different devices plus they can listen to it anywhere they have access to the Internet.

If you are curious as to the differences in these services, we have highlighted a number below.

Pandora: Pandora is very popular because of its simple interface. After navigating to the website, you are able to input a song or artist you wish to hear and Pandora will create a “radio” station based upon that information. This is a wonderful way to learn about new artists with similar sounds. The stations that Pandora creates are easily personalized as well. If Pandora chooses an artist that you don’t like, you can click the thumbs down symbol on the song. Pandora provides further customization by allowing you to “seed” your station with various artists. While you can enjoy Pandora without creating an account, it is crucial if you want to save your customized stations.

Grooveshark: Grooveshark is a lot like Pandora in that it creates a “radio” station based on your musical tastes. However, you can also enjoy entire albums on Grooveshark and make playlists. One distinctive feature of Grooveshark is the power to upload your own music to the Grooveshark database if you can’t find what you are searching for. This is a smart and simple opportunity for Grooveshark to grow its library.

Rhapsody: Rhapsody has remained fairly popular due to its huge database of music. It has more then 14 million songs. Unfortunately, while many of the services we have talked about offer a free version, Rhapsody does not. It is $10 a month for unlimited music.

Spotify: Spotify is a Swedish music-streaming service which was launched in 2008. It has quickly grown to one of the most well-known and widely used services out there. People like the flexibility of Spotify. When you search for an artist, you can listen to a complete album or choose to use the radio function and Spotify will find similar artists for you to enjoy. Another advantage of Spotify is that you may create your own playlists and share them with other users if you so choose.