The confusing world of project-management software

Project-management software can help your teams stay on task. Using this tool, you can clearly organize tasks specific to each team member. And when team members complete their tasks, they’re able to quickly check it off your to-do list. But there are a ton of project-management tools around. How can you determine which one is right for your small business?


Thankfully, in a recent feature story features a handy list of project-management tools.


For the record, writer Jill Duffy brags about Asana. However, as the matrix shows, Asana isn’t the only good option available.


Finding the proper project-management software for your small business will require some thought. A lot of programs are filled with features that your business will most likely never take advantage of. But if you take the time to determine the program that best fits your small business? You and your employees will find their productivity will soar.