The Mobile e-mail App We’ve Been Waiting For

Do you read and send e-mail messages through your smart phone? Of course you do. Do you actually like the e-mail tool you use to accomplish this? If you’re like most smart phone users, most likely not. The simple truth is that few smart phone users like their mobile e-mail programs. There’s a new contender in the mobile e-mail space, though, and it may change this. Tech provider Orchestra recently launched Mailbox, its new e-mail client for the iPhone. And the ratings? So far, they are fantastic.


Tech writers have already been raving about Mailbox for iPhone for one main reason: It is easy to tell it has been specifically designed for a smart phone. This represents a big difference from most mobile e-mail programs. A great number of them operate as if they were made for desktop and laptop computers then ported, with few changes, to mobile platforms. Mailbox for iPhone does not feel like it was designed this way. This is because to delete messages, archive them, save them for a later date or respond to them, you use the swiping motion so typical to today’s smart phones and other mobile computing devices. This straightforward improvement gives Mailbox for iPhone an edge over its contenders.


Supporters of this new Mailbox app claim that sending e-mail messages feels more like Tweeting or texting. This is a pretty heady compliment; after all, most smart phone users prefer texting or sending quick Tweets to relying upon traditional e-mail programs to send out messages. Mailbox also configures e-mail messages so that they are super easy to read on a typical smart phone screen. When messages are first displayed, as an example, Mailbox doesn’t show unneeded information such as signatures. It’s only if users tap on messages that additional information — such as the “To” and “From” features — are presented.

To Do

Finally, Mailbox provides a sort of handy to-do list for your e-mail messages. It’s easy to access options than enable you to choose when a message, after you have read it, will reappear in your inbox. You can choose from such options as “Later Today”, “This Evening”, “Tomorrow” and “Next Week”. For any especially long-term messages, you can choose the “In a Month” option. Our recommendation? If you are fed up with e-mail clients that are slow or that feel as if that they were designed solely for desktop computers, explore Orchestra’s Mailbox. The chances are you’ll like it.