The Personal Computer Lives

The latest and most notable technological jump has, undoubtedly, been the recent leap in remote computing technology. Access to gadgets like tablets and smartphones is widely accessible and extremely popular with tech users. But what does this mean for the personal computer? With the recent shift towards portable personal computing, is there still a place in the technological landscape for PCs? The answer is a simple and resounding “yes.” Here are three of the biggest reasons why.

Desktops Are Still Needed

    The death of the desktop computer has been forecasted for years, yet it has never come. This is because updated and new technologies are still unable to reach the top-level performance of a well-built PC. The speed and power used to run complex programs can’t be duplicated elsewhere. Neither the tablet nor the smartphone can operate at the level of a modern desktop unit. Because of this, the desktop continues to be a foundational computing technology, one that isn’t going anywhere anytime soon.

Tablets Are Less Practical
    It’s plain to see the value of a good tablet. The portability and connectivity options make them highly useful tools. However, PCs are still the preferred model for high end computing. There are certain projects that are easier to complete on a PC in ways that outmatch the operation of a tablet. Because of this, PCs are still the preferred machine for typing long documents, running sophisticated programs or even surfing the web. The size and accoutrements of PCs make them the more practical machine.

Smartphones Are Less Functional

    It seems like everyone is using a smartphone these days. They are one of the most popular technologies in recent years, and an extremely helpful tool when accessing email and social media or even making a call. Some critics say that smartphones will begin to steal the laptop market as their design becomes more sophisticated. However, Smartphones still face certain physical limitations. The average basic laptop user utilizes their machine for Internet access and word processing. While smartphones offer some competition in Internet access, can you imagine a student writing a complete term paper on a tiny smartphone screen? Neither can we.

    While the portable industry has made remote computing better than ever, it’s still important to have faith in the importance of PCs. For more reasons why the PC age is still alive and well, take a look at this article.