There’s another alternative for those mourning Google Reader

Do you still grieve the loss of popular RSS reader Google Reader? You’re hardly alone. Google’s reader was a winner among fans. Jill Duffy, a writer with PCMag, says that there’s a worthy successor out there, one that ought to end all the mourning for Google Reader.

A worthy successor

Digg is a community news voting site which has a small development team. Yet, as Jill Duffy writes in her review on, this hasn’t prevented Digg Reader from being an easy-to-use and intuitive service for all those still mourning Google Reader.


With Digg Reader, your news feeds will appear on the left rail, and the settings are hidden beneath a button on the top menu bar. Duffy gives compliments to the design, saying it’s simple and intuitive.

For business owners

Entrepreneurs and business owners can count on Digg Reader – or any RSS reader that they prefer – to easily track the news that most impacts their businesses. That is why, business owners should think about signing up for either Digg Reader or another RSS reader today.