They’re not kidding: A MacBook named the best Windows laptop

Poor Microsoft. The company has already been struggling with the bomb that is Windows 8. Now, according to PC services company Soluto, the 13-inch MacBook Pro, manufactured by chief rival Apple, is the best-performing Windows laptop. Ouch.

The Study

Tech Web site CNET recently documented on Soluto’s findings. The company conducted what it terms “frustration analytics” on laptops that run Windows software. Established PC makers were found lacking by the MacBook Pro.

Clean Installation

Soluto researchers learned that Windows programs were simply less buggy when they were installed and run on a MacBook Pro. And, yes, this ought to be embarrassing for Microsoft. Traditional PC makers such as Acer and Dell ranked behind the MacBook Pro.

Fewer Crashes

To reach its conclusions, Soluto studied the number of crashes per week that Windows laptops suffered, how many hang-ups they went through and the average boot time of the computers. The study also considered how frequent Blue Screens — also known as Blue Screens of Death — were on top-selling Windows laptops.