Three Myths About Cloud Computing

Does your business stay away from the cloud because you think it’s a short-term fad, too expensive, or that it’s not safe? These are common misconceptions about cloud computing. We explore these further below.

Myth: Cloud Computing Is a Fad

Many companies use cloud computing now-a-days, and not just privately owned small business, but large companies like Amazon, Apple, and Google. In fact, these organizations use the cloud to deliver their services more efficiently and easily to consumers. Cloud computing makes it much easier to share information so companies are jumping on board. Given the amount of large companies who have incorporated it into their service offering, I do not think the cloud will be dissipating any time soon.

Myth: The Cloud Is Risky

Many companies are hesitant to adopt cloud computing for fear that their data will be more exposed to hackers. It doesn’t help that there have been a few instances of high-profile outages, such as one that recently hit Amazon Web Services. These events tend to stick in our memories. Nonetheless, if this is something you are worried about, there are options other than putting all of your important data on a public cloud. Manage Services Providers offer cloud services on a private cloud where your data is extremely secure. One advantage to this is that if your data is stored in the cloud, multiple people in your company can have access to it. Additionally, if your hard drive crashes, you won’t lose all your data.

Myth: Cloud Computing Is Costly

As with any service, if a company wasn’t formerly paying for it, it becomes an added expense. But while a company may pay more upfront, ultimately they will spend less on labor, as being able to share information through the cloud is much more effective. All in all, cloud computing is more cost effective.