Time to buy a computer monitor? Do your research

It’s time for you to purchase a new LCD computer monitor. Your first notion is to head right down to the local electronics or department store to get the biggest monitor you can locate at the most reasonable price. That seems like a good idea. But there’s actually more to choosing a computer monitor than price and size. Manufacturers provide a number of monitor types. And not all types are ideal for you. The message here? Don’t rush out and buy the first LCD monitor you see. Research before you buy and find the monitor that best fits your needs.

What matters

As the Lifehacker Web site says, before you buy a computer monitor, you need to know just how you use your computer. Do you devote long hours playing video games? Perhaps you like to watch your favorite tv shows and movies using your pc. Or perhaps you just use your computer to search the Web and answer e-mail . However you use your computer, there’s a monitor that is ideal for you, says Lifehacker. You just need to find it.


The Coding Horror blog, by writer Jeff Atwood, states that most monitors sold these days are TN models. This is because these monitors are less expensive. They also have screens that respond swiftly. But TN monitors aren’t perfect. Coding Horror ranks their viewing angles and color reproduction capabilities as only average. Computer users can also choose from IPS monitors, which boast excellent color reproduction and excellent viewing angles. Their response times are solid, though not as quick as those of TN monitors. The downside? They are the most expensive monitors in the marketplace.

The affordable choice

VA monitors are also well-liked. Coding Horror ranks them between IPS and TN monitors. These monitors feature better color reproduction and viewing angles than TN monitors. But they also feature slower screen-response times compared to TN monitors. They are more costly than TN monitors are but less expensive than IPS versions.