What is a QR Code

Have you noticed those strange black, square-shaped symbols popping up all over the place lately? They’re called QR codes, and they’re an extremely advanced version of the common grocery store barcode. Originally created in Japan to help keep track of car parts, the QR code is quickly becoming a globally recognized interactive advertising tool.

What is a QR code?

    QR (short for quick response) codes are complex matrices that are readable by scanners and, more specifically, smartphone cameras. Since these codes are so intricate, they can hold an extremely large amount of information.  This makes them practical tools for business since they can transmit so much information at once.

    When you scan a QR code with your smartphone, for instance, the information transferred to your phone activates the web-enabled data kept in the code. Think of it as a step up from the common barcode. A barcode works by scanning the code and accessing a computer network to collect product data. QR codes work in the same way, except by using the Internet as their database rather than a simple computer networks. This makes QR codes multidimensional and capable of holding much larger amounts of information.

How are QR codes used in Business?

    Making a QR code couldn’t be simpler. All you have to do is enter the data you wish to make accessible and click “generate.” There are several great QR generators online; most of them are free to make use of. If you’d like to use a QR generator, consider the Kaywa generator.

    Once the QR code is generated, make sure to use it effectively. Putting the code on resumes, business cards, posters, flyers and even billboards is a great way to get information out there.

Why it works

    A QR code is a fun and interesting way to get information to an audience. Because using a QR code is enjoyable, it gives added value to the information transmitted. Understanding this makes using QR codes for interactive advertising easy. Though these codes are new to America, they have been successful tools for more than a decade in Japan.  If you are looking for a innovative way to get information out there, consider using a QR code.