What is hot at the 2011 DEMO Spring conference?

The DEMO Spring conference is the “launchpad for emerging technology” and it is taking place this week. Already, it has featured some great product ideas. Companies who attend have just a few short minutes to showcase their products and how they may change the world. These are a few of the best products to emerge so far:

Websense’s Defensio for Facebook

Defensio for Facebook is an application that allows businesses using the social network to better protect their Pages. Pages full of spam comments and posts turn off potential customers. Defensio eliminates that clutter by blocking unwanted content from being posted.

Users are able to set preferences to prevent people from posting links to certain sites on your Page. You are also allowed to moderate posts on your Page’s wall.


Social relationship manager Nimble allows users to connect all of their contacts, calendars and communications. It currently integrates email, Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn to bring all of your connections to one place. 

Nimble hopes to make it easier for companies to maintain a dialogue and improve interactions with their customers. Once it is integrated with more social networks, it will become even more useful.

mSignia’s Dynamic Device Identity

mSignia works on Android devices to make access to cloud services easier. It secures your smartphone while eliminating the need to enter passwords on every site.

If you switch devices, however, the app will remove the credentials so that your information can no longer be accessed on that phone. Many people currently use their smartphones to access cloud services, so this could be a huge time-saver.

These products, along with many others being presented at the DEMO Spring 2011 event, make conducting business simpler and more seamless.