When it comes to tablets, what will $38 get you?

Remember when tablets priced under $100 were a big deal? Now tablet makers are selling their products at prices even lower. The big question, though, is if these budget-priced tablets are worth the money. Time Magazine recently took a look at this question, evaluating the new Ubislate 7Ci tablet from Datawind. What’s remarkable about this tablet? It only costs $38.

Price wars

Tablet manufacturers are steadily lowering the prices. It’s a race to draw the attention and cash of the most budget-minded of customers. This is good news for consumers, obviously. As tablet prices continue to fall, more consumers can begin to play with these handy mobile computers. But no tablet today is cheaper than Datawind’s latest model.

Is it worth it?

It seems odd to ask if the Ubislate 7Ci is worth the money. It only costs $38. But Time’s review says that the tablet performs about as good as you’d think a $38 tablet would be. It doesn’t provide much storage. Its viewing angles are lacking. Its battery dies too quickly. And its performance definitely falls into the sluggish category.

But that price

But, it’s tough not be impressed by the low selling price. Time admits that the Datawind price is impressive. And if you’re in the market for inexpensive tablets, rejoice: It seems like the price war among tablet makers isn’t going to end any time soon. What this means is that tablet prices will keep falling, turning these devices into budget items.