Why make the switch to Android?

The iPhone continues to be the dominant smartphone in the industry. That does not mean, though, that everyone loves it. The reality is, Android smartphones are siphoning quite a few users from the world of iPhones. Andy Ihnatko is but one such user. And he’s a significant user. He’s a tech writer, so he knows what makes for a good smartphone. So his switch means something. Fortunately, he’s written all about it for the Web site TechHive.

The big switch

Ihnatko writes that he’s long been a fan of the iPhone. He bought the first generation of the device. And he did it during the period when AT&T offered an unlimited data plan. He still had that unlimited plan prior to making the decision to change to an Android smartphone. What’s that mean? It means that Ihnatko really must like Android to surrender that unlimited data plan.

A great operating system?

Ihnatko writes that he moved to Android, and gave up his unlimited data plan, for just one reason: The Android operating system has developed into a excellent one. Simultaneously, the phones using this system grew more and more powerful. The pull of Android, then, was simply too strong. Today, Ihnatko subscribes to an LTE data plan with a monthly cap of 5 GB. And he uses his Android phone to make all of his calls.

What makes it better?

In his column, Ihnatko runs through a list of reasons for his decision to convert to the Galaxy S III. The primary ones? He likes the bigger screen that comes with his Android phone – important in an age when so many of us watch so much video on our smartphones – and also the easier-to-use keyboard that is included with his new phone. Again, that’s very important when so many of us spend much of our days sending messages and texts to our friends, family members and co-workers.