Why power naps can make you a more productive employee

Want to become a more productive employee? It’s time for a nap. Of course, get it approved by your boss first; you don’t need to suddenly become unemployed after catching some shuteye. But Lifehacker writer Melanie Pinola in a recent feature story took a look at the productivity benefits associated with work-time napping. You may be amazed at how a quick nap can boost your energy and brainpower.

10 to 20 Minutes

For instance, Pinola writes, a 10- to 20-minute nap part way through the day can leave you feeling energized and alert. Which, in turn, can make you a much more productive employee.

The Wrong Choice

Conversely, a 30-minute nap could cause more harm than good. That’s mainly because you’ll awaken from a nap of this length still groggy. You’ll struggle to focus. And the sensation could last for another 30 minutes.

Longer but Powerful

The 60-minute nap, however, can help you remember facts, faces and names, Pinola writes. This length of nap includes slow-wave sleep, the deepest type of sleep you can experience. Of course, getting your boss to approve a 60-minute nap in the middle of the workday might be a nightmare.