Work More Efficiently With A Clean Desk

When we have a lot of clutter and papers on our desk, it can be hard to work efficiently. If you spend your days looking at a desk cluttered with all of your tasks, it is possible to be intimidated. And what about under your desk? Do you usually have to kick wires out of the way while you’re working? If this sounds familiar, here are a few easy ways you can cut down clutter and increase your efficiency.

  1. Tackle the wires – If the wires beneath your desk are a mess, there is a couple easy ways to resolve this. One inexpensive way is to acquire some binder clips, if you don’t already have some. Use these to hold the cords together and keep them straight. A more expensive way is to buy a wireless charging pad, or powermat, and purchase a wireless mouse and keyboard. With these you can wireless charge devices just by placing the object on the mat. This will get rid of all of the cords you need for charging along with any you need to use to connect your mouse and keyboard to your computer.
  2. Reduce desktop clutter – Often, our desks can become cluttered with papers. The simplest way to reduce this is to use less paper. We rely so much on digital communication it is an easy shift to use programs like Evernote to store your notes. Also, try not to print documents, just store articles and reports in folders on your computer. If you must print things out, file them away the instant you are done reading them. This will keep you well organized and minimize clutter.
  3. Throw things away – Become good, too, at throwing things away. If a client provides you with a sample of a book that you’ll never read, either pass it along to a fellow co-worker or donate to your local Goodwill. If you receive a memo you are sure that you’ll only look at once, recycle it. The quicker you move items off your desk, the more unlikely that you are to clutter your workspace.