4 tech phrases you should know

For most us, technology is fairly common in our everyday lives. Unfortunately, we often are uncertain about what the terms pertaining to technology actually mean. This mini glossary of tech terms can help you to understand some of the most common terms.



Cookies are what allow websites to know who you are. If you allow cookies, your web browser will automatically supply your information such as username, password or preferences. They are convenient because they save you from having to reenter your information every time you visit a website.


Although cookies are quite convenient, some view them as a privacy issue. They store your information and track your activity, which can make it easier for others to access your information. Most experts agree, however, that limiting the amount of cookies you use is sufficient for protecting your online identity.



A URL, or uniform resource locator, is the web address for a specific site. It is what you type into the address bar at the top of your web browser which brings you to the website you wish to visit.




The cloud is one of the most talked about tech terms today. It is talked about on television and in blogs and newspaper articles. The cloud is made up of services that are based on the Internet and do not require you to install hardware or software on your machine.



Flash is an Adobe Systems-owned platform that allows for great web interactivity. Installing a Flash plug-in on your browser enables you to view animations, certain displays and videos. Although Flash has been the longtime standard, HTML5 is emerging as a valid competitor.


Technology-related terms can seem overwhelming but understanding the basics can make it all much easier to grasp.


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