Boost your tech efficiency with these tips

Is your small business struggling to compete in today’s tough marketplace? Some straightforward technology tips might help. The Web site recently took a look at some easy technology moves that could help small business owners operate their companies more efficiently. If you need a competitive edge these days, following these tips might be your best move.

The right passwords

The first tip from TechnologySchools might seem obvious: You have to rely on the right passwords to safeguard your business’ computers and the data you store on them. This means selecting passwords you can remember but that hackers won’t be able to guess. TechnologySchools states that the strongest passwords are more than eight characters long, include upper- and lowercase letters, and have numbers and symbols.

Protecting your passwords

Once you’ve generated solid passwords, don’t make the mistake of simply writing them on a scrap of paper or saving them in a doc. If you do, your passwords could end up in the hands of the wrong person. Preferably, rely on storage sites such as DashLane or LastPass to maintain your passwords in easy reach of you but protected from hackers.

Keep your computer fast

You won’t be nearly as productive with a slower computer. Fortunately, TechnologySchools provides advice for speeding up even older machines. On a monthly basis you should delete programs you don’t use, drop old files, defragment the hard drive and carry out a registry scan to identify damaged or corrupted files that you can then delete.