Why Dropbox might become your default photo-sharing site

Dropbox has a new goal: It hopes to be your go-to site for sharing and keeping photos. And, as TechCrunch writer Matthew Panzarino writes in a recent story, a new app gets Dropbox even closer to that prize. Dropbox apps for the Mac now automatically find, upload and prepare links for screenshots that you create on your computer.


It’s true that a small group of users rely heavily enough on screenshots to make this app worthwhile. Journalists, app developers and heavy Twitter users are three such groups. But, as Panzarino writes, that’s not the point: The app is simply one more bit of evidence that Dropbox has its sights focused on being the top photo-sharing solution.

A future of ease?

This can make life easier for you, mind you. Wouldn’t it be simple to have Dropbox detect that photo you just took on your smartphone and then upload it automatically to your Dropbox account? That day might not be far away.

The future

Will Dropbox succeed in its mission to become the cloud’s go-to site for storing photos? That’s debatable. There are many competitors now, and plenty more will surely pop up. But Dropbox has already earned raves from its present users. It’s not difficult to imagine a time when Dropbox becomes the default photo-sharing service in the cloud.