Can Samsung’s phones become the choice of business execs?

No one would argue that Samsung is not a dominant force in the smartphone and tablet industries. Consumers are flocking to these devices. But the word “consumers” is the key one in that last sentence. Despite Samsung’s achievements in selling tablets and smartphones to consumers, it still has a lot of work to do to entice business leaders to consider its phones.

Big business

A recent story in the Wall Street Journal took a look at Samsung’s successes in the consumer world and its struggles in attracting business leaders to offer their smartphones a try. The Wall Street Journal says that, if Samsung wants to see its big growth spurt continue, it will need to change this. The company will have to convince the business world that its smartphones are perfect for both executives and employees.

Security problems

But to accomplish this, Samsung must first boost its mobile security measures, according to the Wall Street Journal. Samsung’s mobile security system, known as Knox, hasn’t earned rave reviews from the business community yet. The system has seen delays and operating issues. This, understandably, has made business execs wary.

Beating BlackBerry

If Samsung can resolve its security issues, the company ought to have a shot at taking control of the business smartphone market from the struggling BlackBerry, the Wall Street Journal reported. BlackBerry’s security features have long been considered the gold standard among business executives, the Journal story says. But as BlackBerry’s troubles continue, it has lost a great deal of its executive-level business. This, according to the Journal, leaves an opening for Samsung.