The shower curtain of the future?

Has tech totally invaded our lives? You only need to consider two new items to answer that question: One is a shower curtain that allows you to play music and answer phone calls while you’re sudsing up. Next is a pair of snow gloves that let you make phone calls and listen to your favorite tunes without taking a break from clearing your front walk of last night’s snowfall.

High-tech in the shower

The Huffington Post recently took a look at both products. The first, the $39.95 iPad Musical Shower curtain from retailer Hammacher Schlemmer, lets telemarketers call you even when you’re soaping up in the shower. Yes, the device enables you to connect an iPad or smartphone to the curtain. This way, you can hear your favorite music and take that all important call from your friendly telemarketer while in the middle of a hot shower.

Snow removal, the high-tech way

Shoveling snow has never been a particularly high-tech task. Until now. The $120 Snow Gloves from Beartek let you listen to music, make calls and receive them. That’s because the gloves connect wirelessly to your smartphone. You can chat up your spouse without taking a break from your shoveling work.

Do we need them?

These devices, clever as they are, beg a question: Are we too preoccupied with technology today? Do we really need shower curtains that let us talk on the phone while showering? Can’t we shovel snow without taking a break to chat with someone on our smartphones? These are big questions, ones to consider while calling into the office while you’re rinsing shampoo out of your hair.