Discovering Immortality May Be Right Around The Corner

Does the idea of living forever sound good to you? Or do you worry that you would quickly run out of things to do? After all, how many superhero movies or walks to the park can you really stand? This might be a moot point. Ray Kurzweil, a famed scientist and author, anticipates that in just 20 years scientists may have discovered a way to let us live forever. Based on a story by Business Insider, this will involve nanobots that replace our blood cells.

Yes, that does seem like sci-fi. It sounds spooky, too, but Kurzweil is enthusiastic about this, and he boasts some very smart people as fans. According to Business Insider two famous and powerful Bills – Clinton and Gates – are big Kurzweil fans.

Rise of the nanobots?

Kurzweil’s ideas on immortality may not be quite so far-fetched. According to the scientist, in about 20 years scientists will have discovered ways to halt and reverse the aging process. Nanotechnology will then step in, he says. Specifically, nanobots will replace human’s blood cells. And, as Kurzweil puts it, they’ll carry out the work of these blood cells considerably more effectively.

Exponential technology

Kurzweil bases his predictions on the undeniable fact that technology is improving at an exponential rate. Taking this into account, immortality may be only a few more technological leaps away.

The bigger questions that arise from this discussion are: Should humans live forever? If we do, will the planet become overpopulated? Will this destroy our natural resources? Who will get to live forever? These are huge questions, which, if Kurzweil’s estimations come true, we will soon be facing.