Military Developments That Have Real World Application

The military is constantly working to develop new technologies. You might assume that these only have military applications but many of these military technologies have real-world uses. Below are a few technologies that have been recently developed that will change our life.

The laser gun

You probably never thought we would see the creation of the laser gun. It is the stuff of Star Wars and Star Trek, right? Wrong. The military has actually created a laser gun that works and they it is known as the Excalibur. They are currently working on one that is 10 times lighter than the Excalibur so it has more military application.

The doctor is in – your body

DARPA’s In Vivo Nanoplatforms program is developing nanoparticles that can sense and cure illness, disease, and infection all from inside the human body. Yes, that again feels like the stuff of science fiction, but DARPA is actually moving along rather quickly on this project. The nanoparticles sense certain molecules of biological interest. Researchers are currently focusing on a complete nanotech demonstration on a large animal.

Thermal imaging on the cheap

The U.S. military has long used thermal imaging technology but this technology is far from cheap. That’s why DARPA is now working on its Low Cost Thermal Imager manufacturing program. This program, as its name signifies, is attempting to dramatically lower the cost of thermal imaging technology. DARPA would like to one day see thermal imaging machinery in cell phones, eyeglasses, drones, helmets, and rifle sights.