Do you believe these tech myths?

Think you’re tech savvy? Well, you’ve probably fallen for more tech myths than you know. Such as, Mac computers aren’t really virus-proof and emptying your recycle bin doesn’t entirely delete the files it once held. And also if you’re using private browsing you’re still not surfing the Internet anonymously.

Not hacker-proof

Caroline Moss, writing for Business Insider, recently published a column exposing some of the most common technology myths. And one of the most prevalent? That Mac computers are magically virus-proof. The reality is that Macs can suffer from viruses. And now that these computers are becomming more popular you can expect a rise in the number of hackers targeting Apple’s operating system.

The recycling mistake

You would reckon that moving a file to your computer’s recycle bin and then emptying the bin would definitely permanently delete that file. You’d be wrong. The process frees up the space that your file had used up on your hard drive. But it also leaves fragments behind that, Moss writes, could be recovered.

Less private than you think

You can tell your browser to go incognito. This makes sure that it doesn’t save any information about where you browsed. Even so, Web sites can continue to record your visits. And, as Moss writes, any files that you downloaded while private browsing will remain on your computer.