Why you need to buy this portable hard drive

Searching for a portable hard drive? Seamus Bellamy, while writing for The Wirecutter blog, has a suggestion for you: Western Digital’s 2TB My Passport Ultra. After reading Bellamy’s review, buying any other portable hard drive looks foolish.

Affordable and powerful

What makes this specific portable hard drive so impressive? Bellamy points first to the price: At $150, the hard drive is affordable. And it offers what Bellamy calls the ideal combination of speed, storage space and reliability at this price point.


Storage space is a key for any portable hard drive. And the My Passport Ultra offers tons. In fact, Bellamy writes that you can’t get more storage on a portable drive than the Ultra provides.


The My Passport Ultra also boasts some impressive speed. Bellamy states that the device transfers files quickly, and ranks among the speediest that The Wirecutter has tested. The evidence, then, is in: the My Passport Ultra is an excellent choice for any computer user.