Get Rid of Spam With Filters

Most of us get a lot of spam, but we don’t need to waste our time sorting through it on a daily basis. By using filters, we can do a lot to regulate what gets into our inbox.

The Power of Filters

You can make a filter that whitelists all of your important emails. This in turn will send anything that doesn’t meet your qualifications into a different folder that you can explore later.

A More Subtle Serving of Spam

Have you heard of bacn? It is a far more subtle type of spam when compared to discount Rolex emails. These are generally things you have opted into such as catalogs and coupons from stores you frequent. But, while you opted in at some time, you may not wish to receive these anymore.

You can easily stop these newsletters from filling your inbox, though, by building a filter that conveniently sequesters email messages with the word “unsubscribe” in it. This is valuable because email newsletters must give users the ability to unsubscribe from them. Therefore, they all must contain the word “unsubscribe” somewhere within their messages. Naturally, you can manually unsubscribe from email newsletters, too. However, this will take more time and effort.

These are two ways that you can use filters to easily keep spam and bacn out of your inbox. I would suggest that you spend a couple minutes setting these filters up. It will save you time and a headache in the long run.