Get Swift Help from Your IT Department

We have all experienced our computer crashing. We will be in the midst of an email or a report and everything will turn off. What about when your computer starts freezing or is operating at a snails pace? These computer problems can hinder our capacity to complete our work, so you’ve to call on the IT department for help. This can be a daunting task.

Be honest: It’s not always easy to communicate with your IT department personnel. The staffers working in IT undoubtedly know a whole lot more about computers, Web browsing and general technology than you do. For this reason, it sometimes sounds as if your company’s IT personnel are speaking another language. And when this happens, it’s not always easy to communicate your computer problem so that you can receive quick results.

Fortunately, you can take some simple steps to ensure that your IT department clearly understands the issue. Once clear communication is established, your IT pros can easily and effectively repair your ailing computer.

No Reason to be Intimidated

First, don’t be intimidated. Yes, that IT worker knows more about your computer than you ever will, but bear in mind, you know more about your specialty. Whether it is the law, accounting, sales, or marketing, you have your expertise and they have theirs.


IT professionals love it when you take screen shots. They want to know what exact steps made this happen, and if you got any funky numbers or error messages. They want to see those especially. While it may not mean something to you, it can point IT professionals to the issue at hand so they can solve it more quickly.

A Written Report

Finally, keep a written report of your issues. If you notice that the same problems are taking place when you check your messages, write this down in a notebook. Make a new entry every time the problem reappears. This, too, will help you communicate your computing issues with your IT personnel.

Communicating with your IT department doesn’t have to be an intimidating or frustrating experience. Just follow these basic rules, and you’ll be computing at full strength in no time.