How to explain the cult of Evernote?

You’ve heard of cult movies. Cult bands, too. But have you ever heard of a business app that had its own cult following? Now you have, owing to a recent story by BloombergBusinessweek. The story details the extraordinary popularity of Evernote, a five-year-old organization and note-taking app which has swiftly developed its own cult of ardent users. These users aren’t shy about praising the software to the uninitiated. And Evernote’s chief executive officer isn’t boasting when he says he’d one day like his organization app to boast more than 1 billion followers.

Booming popularity

The BloombergBusinessweek story makes a persuasive case that a real cult continues to grow around Evernote. This might seem odd; considering that, Evernote is just an organizing app. It’s a highly effective and helpful organizing app. But apps that don’t involve angry birds or farms don’t usually attract such dedicated and vocal followings. But Evernote has, with its fans voluntarily promoting the program and recommending it to others. Have a look at tech forums, and you’ll undoubtedly find posts from users praising this app.

Why so hot?

Why so much admiration for what is, fundamentally, a simple note-taking application? The true secret might be the way Evernote allows us to organize ever more busy lives. With Evernote, users can enter a note, image, Web page, video or audio recording into one column, save it in a notebook in another and search for it in a third. And fans of Evernote praise the app’s search function. It even lets you search for words embedded in images. With this simple set-up, then, it’s an easy task to search for upcoming meetings, phone calls, anniversaries and your son’s piano recital.

Changing lifestyles?

And that might be the secret to Evernote’s popularity. It’s very easy to forget meetings, appointments and deadlines when you are juggling the responsibilities of family and work. In the BloombergBusinessweek story, Libin says that he never thinks of the work/life balance because he views work an essential part of life. And a growing number of us think much the same way. Therefore, when life becomes so busy and messy, we need something that will help us navigate it successfully. That something, increasingly, has become Evernote.