Huge Social Media Mistakes You Don’t Want to Make

At this point we all know that social media isn’t an option, but a necessity, but on the other hand many aren’t sure how to do it with any degree of effectiveness.

Social media is amazing in its ability to extend your reach beyond what you might be able to generate on your own, but that is also the same way that it can hurt you. Let’s have a look at 5 mistakes you could be making that will hurt.

5 Social media marketing mistakes to avoid

  • Not enough visuals – Let’s face it, we love visual content. Whether it is a video, image or infographic, visuals are able to engage your audience in so many more ways, and for the better as well. Plus understand that often it doesn’t even need to be your own content you’re sharing; although you should not make it a habit to post only others visuals.
  • Selling too much – No one likes to be constantly sold to, and please don’t treat your social followers this way. They will quickly move on, leaving you with no one to talk to!
  • Deleting negative entries – If you are seen to be excising any negative comment from your pages, it will swiftly come back to bite you. People will wonder if what is being said about your company is true, and you’ve just thrown out a great opportunity to shine by providing exceptional customer service.
  • Buying likes and followers – This seems like a great idea, but in fact, those thousands of followers you bought for $5 don’t give a hoot about you, and there isn’t anything more damning than visiting a page with thousands of followers and absolutely no other engagement. Oops.
  • LikeBait – Similarly, crafting controversial or enticing headlines to generate tons of likes and shares, while sharing little of real value other than a cleverly worded headline is a sure way to send readers scampering to the exit. So much so, that recently Facebook announced they are instituting a fix in their algorithm to curb this.