Know your social media followers

It’s something to have several followers on your company’s Twitter account. But the goal is to get retweets, mentions as well as other benefits. If you’re not getting these, exactly what is the point of having those followers? Luckily for us, the Small Business Trends Web site recently ran an article providing clues about how small businesses can get more from their Twitter followers.


According to Small Business Trends, business owners need to learn as much as possible regarding their Twitter followers. They are able to do this by investing in software that analyzes their followers, software such as KnowYourFollowers, BirdSong, SoDash and SalesForce Marketing Cloud.

What They Tell You

These services can tell you, amongst other things, the countries, gender, interests and jobs of your followers. They will also show you the other Twitter accounts your followers are subscribed to.


You need to tailor you Twitter posts to the largest possible segments of your followers. Social media analysis programs will help you do this. When you sharpen your message, you’ll dramatically increase your odds of inspiring your consumers to get your products and promote your business to their neighbors and friends.