Don’t let printer problems ruin your day

Why do printers trigger so many problems? How many times have you hit “print” only to see your printer sit mutely, nothing happening? Fortunately, PCMag writer Tony Hoffman recently took a look at the most common printing problems and how to resolve. Follow Hoffman’s tips and you might spend less time cussing out your printer.

No Printing

So, what happens if your printer won’t print? Hoffman advises first that you make sure that your printer is still connected with your computer. Sounds obvious, but you’d be surprised. It’s also possible that your printer’s driver may have been corrupted and needs to be reinstalled.

Low-Ink Warnings

Printer ink is pricey, and it seems that printers drink the stuff by the barrel. But what if your computer tells you that your printer is low on ink but you can still print? Hoffman says keep printing; warning levels vary greatly in accuracy. You may as well suck as much ink out of your printer as you can.


Wi-Fi printing is convenient, but not if the computer and printer are communicating slowly. This can make your print jobs frustratingly lethargic. Hoffman recommends that you place your printer as close to your router as is possible. Also, make sure that your router is powerful enough to take care of Wi-Fi printing at a high speed.