Microsoft can’t kill off Windows XP

The special day for fans of the Windows XP operating system comes April 8 of 2014. That’s when Microsoft will no longer offer support for the much-loved operating system. Microsoft, of course, wants users to upgrade to one of the company’s more recent operating systems. But in a recent story, InformationWeek writer Kevin Casey states that business owners are reluctant to change.

Why the love?

Why is this? It’s simple. Business owners and their workers like Windows XP. The operating system is very effective and is largely bug-free. As reported by the InformationWeek story, a stunning total of 37 percent of PCs still run XP.

Not dead yet

By denying service starting in April of 2014, Microsoft hopes to change this. The objective from the company? Get more users buying the company’s newer operating systems, such as Windows 7 or Windows 8.

Your Business

As a business owner, what should you do? If you truly love XP, you might be able to carry on using the system. The only challenge? You won’t receive any support from Microsoft. A good alternative could be to invest in Windows 7. This operating system has won solid reviews, unlike Windows 8. It could be a good option for XP fans.