What smartphone to buy? Does it even matter?

The number of smartphones on the market today can be overwhelming. Which one do you choose? You may think that you should study your own habits to choose the phone that best fits your need. But lifehacker writer Jesus Diaz, though, says not to worry. How he sees it, it doesn’t matter which smartphone you buy.


In Diaz’s view, today’s smartphones are virtual clones. They’re all so the same, you’d be happy with any one you get. So there’s no reason at all to spend long hours researching various phones. Just get one in your price range.

A Litany of Same?

Diaz states that all of today’s smartphones offer most of the same features: They let you browse the Internet, send e-mail messages, download apps, play music and watch movies. Most apps are available for all smartphone platforms.

Maybe Not?

But not everyone agrees with Diaz. Even his fellow lifehacker writers wonder. Considering that, many smartphones boast better cameras or batteries with longer lifespans. And there are some apps which are not yet on certain platforms. Price, too, can be a differentiator. As a consumer, you’ll have to decide whether Diaz is right. And if you disagree with him? Then it’s time to research which smartphone is best for you.