Microsoft really thinks businesses need the Xbox One?

Does your business need an Xbox One? Will the new gaming console make your office a more productive one? These might seem like odd questions. After all, the Xbox One is for gamers. But as PC World writer Christopher Null states in a recent story, Microsoft is pitching its new video-game console as a business tool in addition to a gaming system.

A Business Tool?

According to Null, Microsoft isn’t joshing when it claims that the Xbox One, which retails for $499, should be “entirely justifiable” as a business expense. In a blog post, Microsoft offers some research that businesses can benefit from buying the console.

Get it for Skype?

Here’s Microsoft’s argument: Businesses can use the Xbox One to hold video conferences through Skype. Plus they could also use the system’s SkyDrive support to keep presentations on the machine.

Too Costly?

Of course, it’s uncertain that these features justify the nearly $500 cost of the Xbox One. That’s a lot of cash for a business to plunk down. Does it add up for your company? Maybe it depends on whether your employees really like their video games.