Which path does your company take quality or quantity?

It’s long been a difficult tug-of-war: You want your company to flourish. But should you do it by pumping out as many goods and services as you can, or do you rather choose quality, creating a smaller number of items while doing so? ITWorld writer Matthew Mombrea tackles this debate in a recent column.


Mombrea believes that if your company’s services or products need to be high quality to work properly, that you should focus your businesses efforts on quality over quantity. As Mombrea writes, this will help your company stand out.

Dissatisfied Consumers

According to Mombrea, many consumers — and rightly so — consider quality to be at an all-time low as compared to the prices they are paying for goods and services.

Standing Out

Businesses, then, that focus on quality over quantity will be more likely to win devoted consumers, Mombrea writes. In a world in which quality is in unfortunately low supply, businesses can set themselves apart by providing the highest-quality products and services available.