The 2011 PhotoPlus Expo: Ideas for the Shutterbug Who Wants It All

The PhotoPlus Expo was held over the final weekend of October in New York City.  Hundreds of diverse exhibitors came together to showcase the cutting edge of photo and design technology.  Everything from cameras and lenses to printers and photo bags were represented.  While the expo was geared toward industry professionals, novices stood to learn a lot from the show.  Below are a few of our favorite innovations we found at PhotoPlus 2011.

Sony DEV-3 and DEV-5 3D Binoculars

The new Sony DEV-3 and DEV-5 3D Binoculars are out of this world with their amazing photographic and video potential. Of the two the DEV-5 is more advanced, but only the DEV-3 was on display. Both of them have incredible multifunctional capabilities and can be used as 3D binoculars, a 7MP camera or a 1080i video recorder. The DEV-5’s optical zoom capacity is an astounding 20X! One of the stumbling blocks, however, is the high price tag of $2,000. The DEV-3 model has 10X zoom and costs $1400.  But for people that are searching for a high quality multimedia digital camera, these binoculars are worth considering!

Gorillapod Micro 250 and 350

Joby is known for selling its line of bendy camera tripods. At their booth they displayed a new take on their tripod, the Gorillapod Micro. This new mini-tripod is stiff and can fold neatly under a camera without adding significant weight or bulk. They also come in a variety of sizes. Now you will be able to catch all those wonderful shots because you will never be without a tripod.

Wacom Cintiq 24HD Pen Display

Here’s a 24-inch display ideal for professional photographers and designers alike. However, for the more “well-off” hobbyist who aims to generate exacting edits to pictures and designs, it may be worth the price tag. The Wacom Cintiq 24HD Display retails for right around $2,600.  Still, they’re in such high demand, that they’re fairly tough to come by.  The display is known for its extraordinary responsiveness and exacting detail, great for anyone working in 3D design, animation, game development, industrial design and visual effects who is no longer willing to compromise with regards to image quality.

As a novice or professional, it’s always beneficial to keep up with cutting-edge technologies. We’re able to only showcase many of the incredible products that were displayed at the Expo. Check out the other cutting edge gadgets like state-of-the-art jackets, lighting, camera bags and gear here.