The real truth about new tech’s impact

How excited do we get when a new technology emerges? Very. We immediately think of how this new tech is going to improve our lives, change society and eliminate most of the problems facing the planet. The problem? The vast majority of new technology doesn’t ever do these things. Yes, Pinterest can be fun, but it won’t change the whole world.

Stop the hype

The website Gizmodo recently took a funny look at new technology and its impact, running a chart on its website listing all the possibilities that come with a new technology. Can it make us geniuses? Will make us more empathetic? Could it bring world peace? Will it make us all morons? The answer to all of these questions? According to Gizmodo, it’s “no”.

No big changes

As Gizmodo says, new technologies can have the potential to change the lives of individuals…maybe. But they will not change the entire world, for better or worse. And that is probably a good thing. Do we really want the world to change each time a new technology debuts?

One thing never changes

Of course, there’s something that never changes. As the Gizmodo story says, teens will use new technology to find trouble and aggravate their parents. Just think, after all, of how much trouble teens have gotten into by using Facebook and Twitter. That, Gizmodo says, won’t ever change, regardless of what new technology appears.