Why you shouldn’t invest in a Chromebook

Does investing your hard earned money into a new Chromebook make sense? Larry Seltzer, a writer with ZDNet, argues that it doesn’t. Seltzer’s main concern with the Chromebook? The device just doesn’t do enough.


Sales on Chromebooks have been quite sluggish so far. Seltzer writes that the big problem with Chromebooks — and why consumers haven’t embraced them — is that they simply don’t do enough to warrant the expense. As Seltzer writes, Chromebooks fail to do what most other laptops can. This is something that makes Chromebooks a poor buy.

Laptop/tablet hybrids

Seltzer writes that hybrids are a better buy for consumers. These combinations of tablets and laptops — think Microsoft’s Surface line of products — provides consumers more power for the money. Seltzer writes that there just isn’t anything that consumers can do with a Chromebook that they can’t already do on a Windows laptop that is running Chrome. The question then is, why would anyone want to spend money on a Chromebook?

Just a browser

What can a Chromebook do? According to Seltzer, all they do is run the Chrome Web browser. Sadly for Google, Windows laptop computers already do this. So do MacBooks. And these other devices also perform several other tasks that Chromebooks can’t. Seltzer’s advice then is simple: Don’t waste your dollars by buying a Chromebook.