Use These Two Tricks to Make Your Computing Life Easier

Let’s be honest: Computer users today need all the help they can get, whatever makes their lives easier. You have to appreciate that. That’s why we’re happy to point you to a pair of helpful hacks that can get rid of at least some stress from your busy days.

Forcing Android to check for system updates

The makers of tablets, laptops, and smartphones are constantly updating their operating systems. And these updates seldom come in on a standard schedule. Consequently you could be missing out on new features or fixes while you’re waiting for an update to hit your computing device. If you have an Android device, checking for updates can be a slight hassle. That is because update releases vary based on your manufacturer and carrier. You may know that Android has updated its system, yet you do not see any updates to your particular device. Certainly, you could just wait for the update to come over, but if you would like that update now – there maybe a particularly juicy new service coming with this particular update – you can force Android to check for that update. Here’s a suggestion from website Ghack: Go to your device’s “Settings” menu. Click “Apps” and select “Show All.” Then find “Google Services Framework” and click on the “Clear Data” option. Finally, click the “Force Stop” button. If there is an update, your device should now retrieve it.

Protecting your eyes

You likely have heard that computer screens are bad for your eyes, and many of us spend considerable time on one device or another. Fortunately the Atlantic not too long ago posted a list of tips you can use to help prevent long-term damage to your eyes. Number one, make sure your screens are clean and are the brightest things in the area. Another trick is to take a “20-20-20” break. Every 20 minutes take a 20 second break and focus your eyes 20 feet in front of you. And lastly, if you can high-five your computer, you are sitting too close.